Feedback from our clients

"The treatment has been very good. The intensive period could have been bit longer. The first few days went in coping and adjusting. I had been with out gambling only three days before I came for the treatment. It took me time to come out of the gambling world. It was a bit scary to go back to every day live after the intensive period but everything went well. It was good that the remote period with an expert started straight after going home. I have been without gambling from the start of the treatment. A lot has happened in my head and in a emotional level. The couches are awesome and experts. The fact that they have their own addiction background is a major plus. We "speak" the same language. The wellbeing resort by the nature is a really lovely place. It is perfect as a recovery environment." - Gambling Addict

”Work addiction - a known hell for many! With very great therapists and most of all therapy that was focused on feelings and emotional side of life opened me a new life. Ruthlessness, hardness, overachievement and exhaustion are gone! Tranquility, acceptance and mercifulness have come instead!" -Work Addict

"You can´t change or make any one come sober other than yourself! As a loved one of a substance addict this was the most significant and biggest understanding that I gained from the therapy that was focused for the loved ones of substance addicts. I got my wonderful personality back without any fears and blame! Therapy gave me great tools and a wide scale of understanding about substance addictions - specially about being a loved one of a substance addict!" - Loved one of a substance addict